Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Driving Into Nightfall

On the way home from Beckley this trucker passed me. I was doing almost 75mph going down the biggest hill between here and Beckley, the one with the old tunnel in it which aliens now use as an airport and the Government claims it does "training" in, but that's another story. Anyway, I was doing almost 75mph and this guy passed me doing about 80mph, and we were in a 60 mph zone!
The toll booth attendant looked at me like I was weird when I snapped this one!
And finally, my favorite of the trip, I64 just before the Greenbrier Street Exit Ramp. Can you make out the capitol? The harsh streak of light is from the light posts and my favorite part of the photo is the reflections in the side mirror. I really got some interesting shots with the slow shutter speeds and for safety, they were all shot in the Program mode and I wasn't looking through the viewfinder! I don't have a pocket cam so I have to use my Digital Rebel as my point and shoot camera! They take really nice photos and this is the 6.2MP model, they are now up to 8MP.

Reflecting the Wind..or lack thereof

Reflection of the sky and flags in front of the WV Workforce Development office in Beckley today, I was teaching. I tried to catch the flags while they were out but of course the wind wouldn't blow up strong enough when I was ready to snap away!

What's for lunch?

I've been traveling again, not quite as much as when I was a full time computer instructor but still a bit more than I like. The money is pretty good and with a baby on the way I need all I can get. Anyway, it's hard to find quality food so I usually end up with greasy fast food such as that seen here from Captain D's. How can something that tastes so good be so bad? It's quite unfair!

The OTree Corral?

These must be some really dangerous trees as they seem to be corralled and can't get out! Who knows?

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Matrix Revealed

I took this photo of the BB&T building reflected in Laidley Tower. The way the BB&T building warps reminds me of the scene from "The Matrix" where the helicopter crashes into it.

Blogger Blogging!

I have been blogging most of this year (2005) but was hosting my own blog. I recently switched to mostly for the community and it's a bit more convenient to use than the one I was using.

You can check out my pre Blogger blog archives here.